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The Art of Elegant Manifesting - 7 Step Formula

The Art of Elegant Manifesting - 7 Step Formula

“Elegance is about cultivating a confident inner world as well as a beautiful outer world.” — Elva Li

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E.L.E.G.A.N.T. Manifesting Formula

Step One - Essence

Essence of who you are and your true desires.

What would you like to have, do or become? Describe in one page the specifics of this vision, describing your vision with color, texture, feeling, and any other description. How will you feel when you achieve this? You don’t need to know how you’re going to get there - you just need to know what it is you’re reaching for. Once you’re clear, the universe will send you signs and people to help you materialize your dream!

Step Two - Love

Love and forgive yourself.

Give yourself the unconditional love and let go of the past emotional burden and experiences holding you back. The energy you will free up will allow you to consciously manifest amazing things in your life. You may not even be aware of the energy you expend in these concerns, guilt and shame – they just run in the background of your mind and block the flow of success and abundance. They may be holding you back in hundreds of small ways.

Step Three - Elevation

Elevate the vibration and infuse everyday with the things make you feeling beautiful, elegant, abundant and worthy.

Live from a place where you want to be rather than where you are right now. Good feelings create good feelings. The biggest secret behind manifesting and using the Law of Attraction is how you allow yourself to feel. Emotion is a huge part of attracting what you want. Stepping into your dream and experiencing it through all of your senses shifts your subconscious into believing that it’s already happened. Then the universe will match that vibration and send you the people and resources you need to achieve those visions.

Step Four - Gratitude

Be Grateful to what you have and replace negative thoughts with gratitude.

The more grateful you are, the more life will give you to be grateful for. You’ve probably heard of this expression before, but have you actually put it into practice? The more positive you are, and the more you appreciate in your life, the more things will come to you. If you’re in a tough spot right now and you find it hard to name even one thing you’re grateful for, don’t worry – even the little things count.

“Gratitude is an opener of locked-up blessings.” – Marianne Williamson

Step Five - Action

Take inspired and strategic Action rather than being busy.

Nothing will happen without action. You know that. However, inspired action is the real key to moving forward and making big quantum leaps. Follow your heart and intuition and do the things in line with who you truly are while taking responsibility for your own actions.

Don’t let fear stop you from from taking the next step. Remember that the opposite of fear is love. And even the little things add up. Celebrate each milestone.

Step Six - No tension

Release your tension about the situation and trust the Universe.

Once you declare what you want and take steps towards your dream, the universe always has your back. Trust that you are manifesting right now. And then, practice non-attachment. Practice receiving to allow goodness to flow you. Being desperate gives off the wrong energy for attraction. When you are radiant, your energy field expands and you attract the right people and the right circumstances.

Step Seven - Trust

Trust yourself and believe in your dreams.

Act “as if” and trust that the things your desire in your life would eventually manifest. Truly work on believing in your dreams. Don’t let other people’s fears get in your way. Don’t be afraid to dream BIG and go for it! Don’t let other people stop you from believing and taking action. You are good enough for your dreams!

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Hi lovely, I am Elva . I’m so happy that you’re here, and I’m even more excited to help you vision, create & design the brand and lifestyle you really want, where you have an authentic confident inner world as well as an elegant beautiful outer world, and become the best version of YOU.

A little about me. I am a Brand Stylist, Coach, Designer and Speaker. I work with smart elegant women to consciously design and create your own brand and lifestyle, where you integrate your inner confidence with outer beauty to live your heart’s desires. The 7 step Elegant Manifesting that I just shared with you is the exact strategy that helped me transform from a CPA in KPMG Shanghai to move to Austrlia by myself, became a female entrepreneur, payoff my student loan, bought my own property in Melbourne, travel and work with amazing mentors around the world, speak at stages and host my own events, work with my dream clients....And I’m still on the journey – so as I grow and evolve and deepen into my own life I want to continue sharing my learnings and what works with you.

I will continue to inspire women around the world to design and create a brand and lifestyle they love and help them turn their dream into reality - one brand at a time!

I want to ignite a movement of people knowing they are good enough, owning their quality to lead and inspire and believing that they can live their heart’s desires!

Are you ready to create a brand and lifestyle in line with your true desires? Let’s chat.

Chat with Elva

Elva xx

Get a confident body image for your personal brand

Get a confident body image for your personal brand

Want a luxe personal brand matched with lifestyle? It all starts with you. This week I want to share with you one of my yummy receipts and sexy workouts to help you get a confident body image for your brand. Enjoy ;)

Live on Brand! 

Lots of love,


The Magic Practice - Gratitude


The Magic Practice - Gratitude

Here are the 100 things I am grateful for:

  1. My healthy vibrant body
  2. My beautiful smile
  3. Beautiful sunshine
  4. Beautiful pink and white roses
  5. My elegant De Monaco vase and candle 
  6. Heart rose quartz beside my bed
  7. Delicious organic cherries on my beautiful plate
  8. The smell of rose-scented soy candle
  9. Miss Dior on my dresses
  10. Gorgeous little black dresses in my wardrobe.
  11. My luxury apartment in Balwyn
  12. My parents are healthy and happy
  13. My hometown Shanghai with all my childhood memories 
  14. The world class education I received in the University of Melbourne
  15. The amazing women entrepreneurs I have connected with through Academy: Nancy, Brigitte, Emma, Louise, Vickie...
  16. The love and support from Hilda and her family
  17. The friendship and advice from Brian
  18. The love from Hallie
  19. My elegant ballet shoes
  20. Ballet beautiful workout and my sexy fit body
  21. Gorgeous organic fresh vegetables in Apple and Sage beside my apartment
  22. Megan Hess’s stylish stunning cushions and books
  23. Mentoring from Tara
  24. Beautiful connection with the ladies in Beautiful Business Mastermind
  25. My gorgeous bed and linen 
  26. The book I am reading now “Beautiful Money”, “The Universe has your back”
  27. My mum’s hug
  28. Beautiful brunch at White Mojo
  29. Blue sky and beautiful air on my head in Melbourne
  30. French lessons I am taking and love the beautiful pronunciation
  31. My gorgeous Dior wallet
  32. My own perfume “ELVA” made in La Jolla
  33. My beautiful black eyes with long strong lashes
  34. The roof top garden with beautiful view
  35. The money I have had in my life to support my growth
  36. The workshop I did and the connection with my audience
  37. The beautiful Olsen Hotel Gallery Room and nice staff to facility my events
  38. Facebook ad that allow my message to reach my dream clients
  39. My courageous decision to move to Melbourne
  40. The dresses designed by myself at first time
  41. The coaching I did and the great feedback from my clients
  42. The luxe website I created
  43. The eye for luxury and elegance
  44. My passion for beauty and design
  45. Love for my body and connection with myself
  46. The beautiful furnitures and decoction at my place
  47. The inspiration quote on my desk
  48. The numeric latte with raw almond milk I had this morning 
  49. The organic raw vegan chocolate in my mouth
  50. The video call I had with my mum and dad
  51. Paris …
  52. My dream and desires that make me excited about each day
  53. The great news coming to me today
  54. The possibilities every day 
  55. Dior red lipstick
  56. My crystal bracket lace 
  57. The money I received from my clients and the value I deliver to them
  58. My sexy lingerie 
  59. Do nothing and just being
  60. Movie “Ballerina”
  61. Yin Yoga practice 
  62. My beautiful active wear
  63. Walking in the nature and surrender to the beauty
  64. Kisses and hugs 
  65. Sunday afternoon me time with my favourite book, music and tea
  66. The time I had with my parents in Shanghai
  67. The organic healthy delicious meals prepared
  68. The birds sitting on my balcony
  69. All the lessons I learnt through my entrepreneurial journey
  70. The beautiful relationship I now have with my money 
  71. My beautiful healthy black hair
  72. My MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone helping me doing my beautiful business
  73. The two USA trips I had last year
  74. The beautiful gift from Jade sitting beside my bed
  75. Balwyn cinema, French movies, nice cinema staffs
  76. Chocolate ice cream and indulgence
  77. Light feeling in my body and belly
  78. Spaces in my living room
  79. The skilful construction workers who built my property
  80. My kind and generous neighbours  
  81. Beautiful softwares I am using: InfustionSoft, Acuity, Leadpages, eWay, Webniarjam, Hootsuite, etc
  82. The beautiful photo shoot experiences I had 
  83. Meditation time
  84. Romantic Date nights
  85. Wonderful time at personal development seminars and events
  86. Luxury retreat experience
  87. Beautiful weather today
  88. The money in my bank account 
  89. Uber driver and great service
  90. Nice friendly staff at the cafe downstairs
  91. Lovely book shops at Toorak
  92. My strong healthy nails
  93. My white healthy teeth and the sensational taste I can experience with my every meal
  94. Hot bath with essential oil and rose petals
  95. Ballet music in the background
  96. Fresh taste of coconut water from a young coconut
  97. Mum’s cooking 
  98. My necklace with my initials
  99. The time I have ding the things I love
  100. I am alive today and live my life fully

Now it's your turn. Share below what the things you are grateful for.

From my heart to yours,

Elva xx


Letting Go & Creating Beautiful Spaces for Abundance


Letting Go & Creating Beautiful Spaces for Abundance

Happy New Year! We just celebrated the Lunar New Year and this Monday we're officially back in the office.

My intention for this year is to give you, my beloved elegant living community, the inspirations, tips and strategies to embody the women who you truly are, to bring beauty and luxury to the world in your unique own way, and to manifest and live your desires with ease and elegance.

You know you know, you know you are worthy, you are beautiful, you deserve your wildest dreams. What if you shine? What if you embody your most confident elegant self? Celebrate your beauty and live luxuriously now.

In this week's video, I talk about letting go and creating gorgeous space for your dreams. Is there something you are afraid to admit? What are you hiding? What are the guilt and shames that weighing you down? Until you step into that authenticity, no matter how many personal development or business coaching you did, your dreams don’t manifest. Watch the video below now.

Hope you enjoy the video as much as I created it for you!

From my heart to yours,

Elva xx


The Reason You're Feeling Like a Fraud in Your Business

The Reason You're Feeling Like a Fraud in Your Business

One of the biggest fears new women entrepreneurs face is feeling like they’re a complete and utter fraud. There’s that fear that one day soon someone’s going to call them out on being a fraud and their whole business is going to come crashing down. And then they’re going to tell themselves ‘I told you so’ because deep down they never thought they were good enough to be their own brand. 

I know because I used to think and feel exactly that when I started my first coaching business. Back then I was a health coach who specialized in helping women eat clean and quit their addiction to the white stuff – sugar.  The thing was, while I was coaching them, I was simultaneously thinking about my afternoon tea and the beautiful dark chocolate I was going to enjoy. You see, I love fine dining in fancy restaurants; and I adore quality dark chocolate.

So whenever I allowed myself to indulge in a beautiful restaurant dinner, or eat organic dark chocolate, I would feel like a fraud.

I wasn’t practicing what I preached. And I was afraid others would find out, putting an end to my business dreams.

I wasn’t going to give up my love of the finest foods and quality ingredients no matter how much sugar they contained and it was then I realized I felt like a fraud because I was not living on brand. My message was not in alignment with who I truly was.

So if you’ve been reading this and slowly realizing you’ve been doing exactly the same thing as I have, then I can guarantee this is the exact reason why you aren’t getting traction in your business.

So how did I turn this fraud around to becoming a confidence and glowing brand? 

I went all in to LIVE my brand.

Here’s the 5 steps to help you do just that.

1. Embrace your true desires.

What do you truly desire?

When I asked myself what I really wanted, my answer was loud + clear:

To enjoy the finest things in life. I love indulging in a piece of chocolate every day. I adore the stunning Dior couture. I desire to take my parents to travel around the world in first class…

Your desires don’t need to make you martyr where you’re of service to the whole entire world. You don’t need to justify your desires. If you desire a beautifully hand-crafted Lady Dior bag (just like I do), that’s perfectly perfect. I’m cheering you on. There’s nothing wrong with your desires.

But so many of us do not dare to own our desires.  We’re afraid what others would say. We are afraid of being judged. We are afraid of being rejected for our desires. But dear, you know what? if you’re not owning your desires, you’re rejecting YOURSELF!

So what are your deepest desires?

2. Make your desires your brand

Embrace your desires into your brand. Because that’s the true you!

For me, when I started to own my desires and not hide them, my brand and business started to blossom.

Through my brand, I showed how to keep slim while enjoying my indulgences.

Through my brand, I showed how to elegantly incorporate luxury in your daily life to allow yourself become that woman who has it all.

I became a lifestyle designer in line with my true desires rather than a fraud health coach.

I love my mentor Gina Devee’s story. She loves Italy. She always dreamt of going but she was afraid of what her spiritual clients would think if she ever booked herself a first class ticket and travelled in luxury. It was only when she started to embrace her desires into her brand and held luxe events in Italy, her ideal clients were attracted to her and her business exploded.

So what can you start to incorporate into your life to make your desires your living brand?

3. Living your desires and living on brand

Embrace it into your everyday life. Breath it, live it!

Start with little things. If you desire a Lady Dior bag, you don’t necessarily have to buy a bag in order to embrace it.

Ask yourself, why do I desire the bag?

Is it because you love the feeling of elegance it brings? Then start to incorporate the feeling into your daily life, now.  For example, buy yourself fresh flowers, put on Miss Dior perfume every morning, having a bubble bath.

You can start to live a luxurious life right now.

Living your desires every day and you can’t help but be alignment with who you truly are.

4. Share your brand message in an authentic way

You may have heard of “Fake it ‘til you make it”.

I believe in the opposite: “Be it until you become it!”

I love what my mentor Tara Marino says, “Beauty is TRUTH.” Sometimes it’s scary to show the world who we truly are. But that’s the only way for you to stand out the crowd with the confidence inside out.

Start where you are.

On a recent coaching call with a beautiful client, she confided she wanted to incorporate travel photos on her website but she hasn’t travelled much yet. We’ve mapped out a plan for her to start where she is now to incorporate travel photography into her brand, so she can express her true desires, now and connect with her true tribe, now.

5. Match your brand with the online presence it deserves

Do you have website shame? Is your website and social media presence not in alignment with your brand?

Your brand’s external appearance must be aligned to it’s essence.

A well designed website showcases the true essence of your brand to the world and makes you truly live on brand from inside to outside.

I believe building your personal brand involves cultivating an authentic confident inner world as well as a beautiful and stylish outer world, because you cannot be your brand by doing one without the other. It all starts with your desire and living it daily.

That’s why I call herself a brand and lifestyle designer and created the Elegant Living Day Designer to help women entrepreneurs live on brand every day. You can download the day designer from my website

Do you want me help you transform from "feeling like a fraud" to the "superstar of your brand"? Book your complimentary Brand Clarity & Styling Session here

From my heart to yours,


What's more beautiful than living your dream?


What's more beautiful than living your dream?

Your personal brand is about the way you live. The reason I call myself a luxe branding stylist and lifestyle designer is because I'm ALL about living my desires and making my life my brand.

I set the intention and visualise in my mind about what I want to feel, who I desire to become, what I desire to do in my day and that is my internal brand guide. It guides me to embody the woman I want to be, how I show up, what I'll create in my branding and business.

It leads me to live on brand every day.

My life and my brand cannot help but bloom.

And my dream board cannot help but become a reality.

Beauty, luxury and of course Dior are daily in my life.

I am living my life as a Miss Dior.

now it's your turn. 


Everything on your vision board is your reality.

Everything you daydreamed is your life.

Everything you ever wanted you own.

And the life you wish to live, is yours.


So, what can you incorporate into your life or what decisions can you make today that will help you start stepping into your desires and living on brand? 

Is it buying yourself a beautiful bunch of flowers?

Is it putting on your best dress and favourite perfume?

Is it being that woman who works with her coach to build a brand and business she truly adore?


Whatever it is, start now.

The only reason I am where I am today is because I said "yes" to my desires first and then figured out "how" later. I learnt from my mentors and coaches and also my mistakes along the way.

Elegant, Let me show you the "how". Are you committed to say "Yes"?

If you are 100% committed to your desires, I am gifting you a free session to help you create a plan to make your dream business a reality, to have your entire world blossom and become the superstar of your brand. If that's you, click here and let's chat.  Just you and me.

From my heart to yours,



I adore Dior! I adore beauty!

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I adore Dior! I adore beauty!

This is my brand mood board. You can tell I adore Dior and the beautiful finest things in life! Elegance, beauty, luxury is the experience I create for my clients and the way I live my life. 

My secret to living a life filled with Dior and running a business filled with beauty?

Unapologetically allowing yourself to live your desires.

Honouring my desires isn't an option for me. It's a necessity.

But it wasn't always this way.

Growing up, I was the good girl. My whole life was planned out for me: be the good girl, get the good grades, get into the good university, get the good job.

My parents sacrificed everything so I could have only the best. In return, I put my head down and became the good girl, landing a job in one of the top 4 accounting firms in the world.

The plan was complete, yet I was empty.

Every morning from my office window I would look up at the brilliant sky wishing I could grow wings and fly.

Every morning I longed for something else.

A different world. A beautiful world.

Where there was beauty, luxury and freedom.

Inside and out.

In my business and in my life.

So I packed my bags, left my hometown, and moved to another country hoping the world would be different. It wasn't. Because I was the same.

Every day, in my office cubicle, I kept playing the good girl. I kept my head down, I worked. I played it safe. I played small and put everything I longed for down to just a daydream.

Until one day I was introduced to the wonderful world of business. I saw glimpses of confident, charismatic, beautiful, wise women who were running their own businesses with a lifestyle to match. It was like getting a Tiffany box from the Universe. My heart opened, my eyes opened, my mind opened, and I saw the beauty I was looking for.

The beauty of choice.

The beauty of another way.

The beauty of a business as the path to truly living a life that has it all.

I was enlightened. I had a choice.

I was no longer willing to accept my desires as just a daydream.

There's something so powerful about unapologetically declaring your desires.

They come true: my entire world blossoms. Including my brand.

Now it's your turn to tap into the feelings and experiences you want your clients to have when they work with you and the feeling you want to have when you're living on brand!

Want to create a brand aligned with only the finest things in life but don't know where to start? Let's chat. You're closer than you think.

Let's make your entire world blossom and turn you into the superstar of your brand adored by your raving fans. Complete with the lifestyle & couture you desire.

Book your session here.

From my heart to yours,

Elva xx

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J'adore Your Day, Be on Brand


J'adore Your Day, Be on Brand

I started my very own luxe brand and business is just like you're about to start your business. I wanted to be the superstar of my brand and help my raving fans create a beautiful business and life they love.

I wanted more in life but felt stuck in the day to day.

I worked hard and played small in a corporate world. I desired beautiful luxury things but felt guilty for my desires. I deprived myself and then over-spent, over-ate. I kept myself "busy" and felt guilty of enjoying pleasure and joy. I was tired of being a people pleaser and pretending everything was all right; I had a burning desire to start my own business and make big changes in life but I didn't know where to start...

Sound familiar? You're in the right place. I'm here to guide you step by step on how to create a brand and business you adore and your fans adore you!

The secret? Unlocking your wow factor. And it's an inner job.

The first step is to embody you true essence and be the woman who represents your luxury brand.

The woman who knows who she is and what she wants, who steps up to the centre stage of her life and shows up in the world in her own unique style.

The woman who lives artfully and passionately and enjoys the pleasure and luxury of her elegant life while taking the right action towards her dreams.

The woman who embodies style, elegance and beauty in everything she does, who creates a life she truly adores and becomes her most confident, elegant and radiant self.

Then and only then will you see your brand and business blossom.

How to do that? Here's my secret chic shortcut: Elegant Living Designer. You can download it here.

I'm just an ordinary girl from Shanghai with a big dream. I manifested my dream life from Shanghai to Melbourne and went from a CPA at KPMG to a woman entrepreneur and the founder of the Elegant Living Movement.

The Day Designer is one of the chic tools I use to embody the woman I want to be every single day.

If I can do it, you can too! It's time for you to unapologetically declare your desires, be your brand, your most confident, radiant and abundant self full of elegance!

Enjoy your Day Designer

From my heart to yours, 

Elva xx