“Elegance is about cultivating a confident inner world as well as a beautiful outer world.” — Elva Li

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E.L.E.G.A.N.T. Manifesting Formula

Step One - Essence

Essence of who you are and your true desires.

What would you like to have, do or become? Describe in one page the specifics of this vision, describing your vision with color, texture, feeling, and any other description. How will you feel when you achieve this? You don’t need to know how you’re going to get there - you just need to know what it is you’re reaching for. Once you’re clear, the universe will send you signs and people to help you materialize your dream!

Step Two - Love

Love and forgive yourself.

Give yourself the unconditional love and let go of the past emotional burden and experiences holding you back. The energy you will free up will allow you to consciously manifest amazing things in your life. You may not even be aware of the energy you expend in these concerns, guilt and shame – they just run in the background of your mind and block the flow of success and abundance. They may be holding you back in hundreds of small ways.

Step Three - Elevation

Elevate the vibration and infuse everyday with the things make you feeling beautiful, elegant, abundant and worthy.

Live from a place where you want to be rather than where you are right now. Good feelings create good feelings. The biggest secret behind manifesting and using the Law of Attraction is how you allow yourself to feel. Emotion is a huge part of attracting what you want. Stepping into your dream and experiencing it through all of your senses shifts your subconscious into believing that it’s already happened. Then the universe will match that vibration and send you the people and resources you need to achieve those visions.

Step Four - Gratitude

Be Grateful to what you have and replace negative thoughts with gratitude.

The more grateful you are, the more life will give you to be grateful for. You’ve probably heard of this expression before, but have you actually put it into practice? The more positive you are, and the more you appreciate in your life, the more things will come to you. If you’re in a tough spot right now and you find it hard to name even one thing you’re grateful for, don’t worry – even the little things count.

“Gratitude is an opener of locked-up blessings.” – Marianne Williamson

Step Five - Action

Take inspired and strategic Action rather than being busy.

Nothing will happen without action. You know that. However, inspired action is the real key to moving forward and making big quantum leaps. Follow your heart and intuition and do the things in line with who you truly are while taking responsibility for your own actions.

Don’t let fear stop you from from taking the next step. Remember that the opposite of fear is love. And even the little things add up. Celebrate each milestone.

Step Six - No tension

Release your tension about the situation and trust the Universe.

Once you declare what you want and take steps towards your dream, the universe always has your back. Trust that you are manifesting right now. And then, practice non-attachment. Practice receiving to allow goodness to flow you. Being desperate gives off the wrong energy for attraction. When you are radiant, your energy field expands and you attract the right people and the right circumstances.

Step Seven - Trust

Trust yourself and believe in your dreams.

Act “as if” and trust that the things your desire in your life would eventually manifest. Truly work on believing in your dreams. Don’t let other people’s fears get in your way. Don’t be afraid to dream BIG and go for it! Don’t let other people stop you from believing and taking action. You are good enough for your dreams!

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Hi lovely, I am Elva . I’m so happy that you’re here, and I’m even more excited to help you vision, create & design the brand and lifestyle you really want, where you have an authentic confident inner world as well as an elegant beautiful outer world, and become the best version of YOU.

A little about me. I am a Brand Stylist, Coach, Designer and Speaker. I work with smart elegant women to consciously design and create your own brand and lifestyle, where you integrate your inner confidence with outer beauty to live your heart’s desires. The 7 step Elegant Manifesting that I just shared with you is the exact strategy that helped me transform from a CPA in KPMG Shanghai to move to Austrlia by myself, became a female entrepreneur, payoff my student loan, bought my own property in Melbourne, travel and work with amazing mentors around the world, speak at stages and host my own events, work with my dream clients....And I’m still on the journey – so as I grow and evolve and deepen into my own life I want to continue sharing my learnings and what works with you.

I will continue to inspire women around the world to design and create a brand and lifestyle they love and help them turn their dream into reality - one brand at a time!

I want to ignite a movement of people knowing they are good enough, owning their quality to lead and inspire and believing that they can live their heart’s desires!

Are you ready to create a brand and lifestyle in line with your true desires? Let’s chat.

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