Here are the 100 things I am grateful for:

  1. My healthy vibrant body
  2. My beautiful smile
  3. Beautiful sunshine
  4. Beautiful pink and white roses
  5. My elegant De Monaco vase and candle 
  6. Heart rose quartz beside my bed
  7. Delicious organic cherries on my beautiful plate
  8. The smell of rose-scented soy candle
  9. Miss Dior on my dresses
  10. Gorgeous little black dresses in my wardrobe.
  11. My luxury apartment in Balwyn
  12. My parents are healthy and happy
  13. My hometown Shanghai with all my childhood memories 
  14. The world class education I received in the University of Melbourne
  15. The amazing women entrepreneurs I have connected with through Academy: Nancy, Brigitte, Emma, Louise, Vickie...
  16. The love and support from Hilda and her family
  17. The friendship and advice from Brian
  18. The love from Hallie
  19. My elegant ballet shoes
  20. Ballet beautiful workout and my sexy fit body
  21. Gorgeous organic fresh vegetables in Apple and Sage beside my apartment
  22. Megan Hess’s stylish stunning cushions and books
  23. Mentoring from Tara
  24. Beautiful connection with the ladies in Beautiful Business Mastermind
  25. My gorgeous bed and linen 
  26. The book I am reading now “Beautiful Money”, “The Universe has your back”
  27. My mum’s hug
  28. Beautiful brunch at White Mojo
  29. Blue sky and beautiful air on my head in Melbourne
  30. French lessons I am taking and love the beautiful pronunciation
  31. My gorgeous Dior wallet
  32. My own perfume “ELVA” made in La Jolla
  33. My beautiful black eyes with long strong lashes
  34. The roof top garden with beautiful view
  35. The money I have had in my life to support my growth
  36. The workshop I did and the connection with my audience
  37. The beautiful Olsen Hotel Gallery Room and nice staff to facility my events
  38. Facebook ad that allow my message to reach my dream clients
  39. My courageous decision to move to Melbourne
  40. The dresses designed by myself at first time
  41. The coaching I did and the great feedback from my clients
  42. The luxe website I created
  43. The eye for luxury and elegance
  44. My passion for beauty and design
  45. Love for my body and connection with myself
  46. The beautiful furnitures and decoction at my place
  47. The inspiration quote on my desk
  48. The numeric latte with raw almond milk I had this morning 
  49. The organic raw vegan chocolate in my mouth
  50. The video call I had with my mum and dad
  51. Paris …
  52. My dream and desires that make me excited about each day
  53. The great news coming to me today
  54. The possibilities every day 
  55. Dior red lipstick
  56. My crystal bracket lace 
  57. The money I received from my clients and the value I deliver to them
  58. My sexy lingerie 
  59. Do nothing and just being
  60. Movie “Ballerina”
  61. Yin Yoga practice 
  62. My beautiful active wear
  63. Walking in the nature and surrender to the beauty
  64. Kisses and hugs 
  65. Sunday afternoon me time with my favourite book, music and tea
  66. The time I had with my parents in Shanghai
  67. The organic healthy delicious meals prepared
  68. The birds sitting on my balcony
  69. All the lessons I learnt through my entrepreneurial journey
  70. The beautiful relationship I now have with my money 
  71. My beautiful healthy black hair
  72. My MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone helping me doing my beautiful business
  73. The two USA trips I had last year
  74. The beautiful gift from Jade sitting beside my bed
  75. Balwyn cinema, French movies, nice cinema staffs
  76. Chocolate ice cream and indulgence
  77. Light feeling in my body and belly
  78. Spaces in my living room
  79. The skilful construction workers who built my property
  80. My kind and generous neighbours  
  81. Beautiful softwares I am using: InfustionSoft, Acuity, Leadpages, eWay, Webniarjam, Hootsuite, etc
  82. The beautiful photo shoot experiences I had 
  83. Meditation time
  84. Romantic Date nights
  85. Wonderful time at personal development seminars and events
  86. Luxury retreat experience
  87. Beautiful weather today
  88. The money in my bank account 
  89. Uber driver and great service
  90. Nice friendly staff at the cafe downstairs
  91. Lovely book shops at Toorak
  92. My strong healthy nails
  93. My white healthy teeth and the sensational taste I can experience with my every meal
  94. Hot bath with essential oil and rose petals
  95. Ballet music in the background
  96. Fresh taste of coconut water from a young coconut
  97. Mum’s cooking 
  98. My necklace with my initials
  99. The time I have ding the things I love
  100. I am alive today and live my life fully

Now it's your turn. Share below what the things you are grateful for.

From my heart to yours,

Elva xx