You are reading this because you're not like those other "good girls" who'll keep their heads, playing by the corporate rules. Not anymore.

You're different. You prefer style over spreadsheets. Couture over corporate suits. Dior over deadlines. You're a luxury brand and business in the making. It's your time to become the superstar of your business and the woman who has it all.

As a luxe branding expert for aspiring women entrepreneurs, here are my top 5 keys to help you build your luxe brand and stand out from the crowd:

1. Cultivate Your Luxe Mindset

Your luxury brand starts with having an abundance mindset towards money, wealth and luxury.

If you want to create a stylish and luxe outer world in your brand, you must begin to cultivate your inner world with abundance thoughts that are aligned with your brand. Every thought in your mind is a creation. Your beliefs shape your brand, your business and your life.

Your luxe mindset will help you unlock your abundance potential and help you create your luxury future. My life shifted when I started working with my mentor on my mindset, who helped me understand that it is possible for me to lead a fulfilling life doing what I love and have financial abundance and freedom. I manifested my desires in my life and become more confident and comfortable in myself and my brand. Cultivating the mindset is the first thing to build your luxe brand, because without that, you can never have a luxury brand from inside out.

Your luxe mindset begins with a decision. Make a decision to change. That's it. Every great transformation starts with a decision to change.

Say it out loud: Today I am making a decision to change. I choose to think in grateful, abundant, loving ways when it comes to my money, my wealth, my brand. Because it is an act of love towards myself. And when I am more loving toward myself and my brand, I am able to add more value to the world.

What's your decision today, gorgeous?

Do you have a luxe mindset that in line with your luxe brand? Do you have a money block? Book a complimentary Brand Assessment & Styling Session here and let’s find out.

Let your luxe thoughts bloom and change the ones that don't in line with your luxe brand.

2. Discover Your Brand Essence

An emotional connection to the customer distancing a luxe brand from mass market brands. Your high-end clients don't buy what you do. They buy why you do it. Your vision, desired feelings and core values are the essence of your luxe brand.

What is your vision? What do you desire to feel? What are your core values?

When I asked these question, many women will tell me "Elva, I don't know." But the truth is they DO know deep down inside, but they just afraid to express it and the truth of who they are. Your brand will fold itself to you as you allow yourself to feel better and better about the truth of who you are.

I have created a brand value list to help new coaches identify their core brand values. 


You choose how you want to show up in the world in a way that is authentically you. Your brand values should be in line with who you are and your desired feelings.

My desired feelings are Freedom, Adore, Chic, Ease, Joy. They are my internal brand guide and I check with them before I make any decisions in my business and life.

Once you identify your desired feelings, anchor them by writing on your mirror, putting them in your wallet, using as computer password, setting iPhone reminders or you can create a picture board for your desired feelings!

So beautiful, who do you want to be? What do you want to feel?

Not sure about your brand essence? Want to get clarity? Book a complimentary Brand Assessment & Styling Session here and let’s talk.

3. Your Brand Muse

A luxe brand won't try to market to everyone because it dilutes its message. Luxury brands are exclusive. The clients of luxe brands long to differentiate themselves and they want feel special, unique, accomplished, and even rewarded for their success.

Who is your brand Muse?

WHO your target market is is much more important than the WHAT you are offering. Think about your WHO before the what you will offer. Your services are not for everybody.

What is her pain?

You need to understand what subconscious desires she has and what pain she has. Because we make purchasing decisions with our emotions and then justify them with our logic!

I use Maslow's hierarchy of needs to help my clients better understand the needs of their dream clients. Because luxe brands don't market to the lowest level of need such as physiological or safety needs. They market to people who are at the level of self-actualization. High end clients are usually at the higher levels of esteem and self- actualization.

How can your services solve her pain?

When you direct your product to the subconscious desires of your high end client, you will start to attract them. Remember your dream client is not buying a "product" she is buying a "transformation".

I encourage you to create a mood board for your dream client. What does she look like? What is her lifestyle? What does her attract to?

Here is my mood board for my "Miss Elegance":


She is a chic elegant corporate lady who want to become the superstar of her brand and a business filled with soul stirring beauty.

She is a "good girl" with Asian background and immigrated to a Western world.

She adores Dior and dreams of Paris.

Brand Vibe: elegance, beauty, luxury, pink rose, couture, LBD

Brand Archetypes: Miss Dior + Dreamer & Doer

J'adore your Brand Muse! If you don't know who your brand muse is or not sure how to communicate with your ideal clients, book a complimentary Brand Assessment & Styling Session here and I would love to help.

4. Your Brand Visuals

Branding is not merely images, colors and fonts, but that is a big part of it. Visuals have huge impact on our emotions and it directly determines the connection your clients have with your brand.

A Brand Mood Board sets the mood for your brand and help you get a better sense of the direction you want to go in when it comes to your brand's design and provide a constant source of motivation as you navigate your journey to where you want to be.

Here is how:

1)      List the top 3 luxe brands you resonate with visually and why. What's your favourite handbag brand, shoe brand and clothing label?

2)     Create a Pinterest Board for your brand inspiration. Then look at what overall style aesthetic shows over and over again in your Pinterest board images? What are the main 2 colour in your board? What types of photos you choose most?

3)     Choose the main colors and fonts you will be using in your branding.

4)     Choose the creative visuals represent you and your brand values.

5)     Create your mood board where you take all of your creative visual standards and put them into one place!

Here's an example of my own mood board:


I want you to take your time to really think about it so you don't choose something now and change it completely in a few months.

Remember choosing your colors, fonts, aesthetic and style needs to be an intuitive process. Let your decisions be guided by who you truly are and what you are inspired by. This is the secret to create the brand visuals that your dream client will fall in love with.

Do you want me to personally create a mood board for you? Book a complimentary Brand Assessment & Styling Session here and let’s talk.

 5. Live On Brand

 Wanna know the secret to live on brand? J'adore your life NOW!

If you brand value is beauty, don't wait till you have dream body;

If your brand value is abundant, don't wait till you are a millionaire;

If your brand value is loving, don't wait till you meet your Prince Charming...

If you want to live on brand, stop waiting for the perfect timing / body / people to come, start to create that feeling now!

Ask yourself:

1) What do I desire?

2) Why you desire it? How would you feel if you have it?

3) How can you create that feeling now into your life?

For example, I desire to go to Paris. I adore Dior couture. Because I love the feeling of elegance, chic, feminine. So I put on my favourite Miss Dior perfume every morning. I buy myself a bunch of fresh rose every week. I indulge myself with beautiful French manicure...These little things that I incorporate in my daily life make me feel elegant, feminine and chic. And they permeate my life and my brand. That is living on brand all about. And when you do that, you attract your desires into your life. That is how I manifested a life filled with elegance, abundance and of course, Dior ;)


I believe building your personal brand involves cultivating an authentic confident inner world as well as a beautiful and elegant outer world, because you cannot live on brand by doing one without the other.

I have created the Luxe Brand Workbook to help you implement all those 5 keys to create a personal brand that you are proud of and attracts your ideal clients. You can download your free copy of the Luxe Brand Workbook here.

You have that all inside out of you. Shine bright!

From my heart to yours,