Congratulations!! I really want to acknowledge you for making the decision to up level and take the step towards your high-end brand! You totally deserve it!!

I feel honoured to be part of your journey and assist you to bring your brand vision to reality. I cannot wait to see your launch of your high-end brand and selling out your premium packages!!

Let’s get started!

In this page you’ll find all the info you need for your project to run smoothly, which includes:

  • The process: My step by step process so you know what to expect at every stage of this project. 

  • Your homeplay: A checklist of things I need you to complete. 

  • Project management: The project management tool we will use to organize your project. 

  • Feedback guidelines: Tips to help you provide really helpful feedback.

Have a careful read through it to see how this process will work and what I'll need from you before your project begins.

I'm always available by email if you need help so please free to contact me!

Office hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm, AEST.

Email address:


Here’s how we will work together...

1. Branding session: we'll hop on Skype for a 30 minute branding session. We'll discuss and refine your homework and uncover your brand essence and visual style.

2. Moodboard, color palette & logo design. I'll start the design process by creating a moodboard that summarizes your brand aesthetic using the information you provided in your homework and the inspiration on your Pinterest board, I'll show you the first version for your main logo. You'll provide feedback, and then I'll refine it. When your main logo is complete, we'll move on to your brand board!

3. Brand board. Your brand board will include the other brand elements listed in your package (logo variations, sub mark, patterns and fonts etc.) You'll get to see all the elements on one board. Then you'll have one revision round to make changes.

4. Social media branding. If social media branding is included in your package then this is the time I'd create it. I'll use your colors, logos, patterns and fonts to create a cohesive and seamless look across your social media.

5. Website design. I'll create your website pages based on the Squarespace template you choose. You'll have one revision round to request changes. You’ll review and send feedback. I’ll then polish and provide you the final version. 

6. Final payment. Before I hand over your final files and website, you'll need to complete your final payment. I'll then send you the link to a Dropbox folder containing your finalized brand files and I'll hand your website over.

7. Website walkthrough. Don't worry, I'm not going to leave you to figure out how to use your website all by yourself. We'll set up a 30 minute consult call where I walk you through how to use and update your site. You'll also receive access to my client area where you'll find Squarespace tutorials and advice to help you maintain your website. During the month after your project ends, I'll continue to be available via email to answer any questions you may have about your brand or website.

8. Launch time. I believe that something as huge as a new high-end brand and website deserves to be celebrated! I'll share your business across my social media accounts and on my blog. Then I'll join you in the excitement!


Your homeplay...

1. Create a Pinterest board. On Pinterest, create and fill a secret board with inspiration for your brand, including: a minimum of 3 images for logos your like, 5 images for the color you are drawn to, 3 images for the fonts you like, and 5 images for the feeling you would like to create for your website. When you've filled your board, go through your pins and leave comments on your favorites stating what you like about them. Here is a playsheet to help you if you feel stuck. Please complete and invite me to your secret board at least 24 hours before our branding session!

2. Complete the Brand Identity Guide Book. Please click here to download the guide book. Complete the tasks within it, fill in answers to the questions, and email back to me at least 24 hours before our branding session!

3. Upload your website content. I need you to upload your website text & images to Dropbox and share the folder with me at least 1 week before we start your website design process. Please include headings and button text within the document and clearly outline where things should go.


How we’ll communicate & organise the project ...

I use Asana to manage all my projects. It keeps all communication and files in one place, which is ten times better than emailing back and forth.

You will receive an email notification once I add you into my Asana project. Have a play around in Asana and let me know if you have any questions!



You can help me bring your ideal brand visuals to life by providing me with organized, helpful feedback on your designs. Here are some tips!

  • Try and use bullet points when you're listing revisions.

  • Break up your feedback into paragraphs.

  • Seperate your feedback into sections. For example, feedback about your website footer could go under the header 'website footer' and feedback about your header could go under the header 'website header'.

  • Be as specific as you can. 

  • If there is more than one person providing feedback, please gather your feedback into one message instead of posting multiple messages. 

Feedback like this really helps the design process run smoothly. Thanks for your cooperation! You're the best.