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Looking for an inspiring speaker who brings personal branding to life with elegance and ease?


Elva works with aspiring female coaches and entrepreneurs to create high-end personal brands that reflect who they truly are so that they can feel authentic and confident, inspire others and make the beautiful impact they are meant to have in the world.

Elva believes in the power of beauty and elegance in terms of personal growth. She is committed to inspiring other women to bring their beauty and talents into the world in their own unique way. Everything she does exudes style, elegance and timelessness, because these are a necessity, not a luxury.

With a background in Business and Finance, the brand artist has combined her creative flair with her business savviness to help aspiring female entrepreneurs bring their visions to life. She has been featured on LadyBoss Asia, This Women Can and has been seen on ABC, CBS, Fox, etc.

Elva’s services include:

  • Personal Brand & Confidence Coaching

  • Personal Styling, Branding Packages & Website Design Services

  • Personal Branding Workshops

  • Keynote Speaking


Elva has taken to the stage for hundreds of audience members to talk about all things personal styling and branding, mindset and self-confidence, business and entrepreneurship, and personal development.

As a presenter she has also filmed videos and presents regularly online for her blogs, webinars and programs.

Elva’s speaking style is passionate, elegant, warm and friendly. Her gentle yet inspiring approach connects with audiences deeply and inspires them to shine their own light, too.

Praised for her expertise on personal branding for female entrepreneurs and certified as an NLP practitioner and commination specialist, she is the perfect presenter for female coaches and entrepreneurs both new and experienced.

She has spoken at workshops, business events, business networking groups and more.

Elva loves doing keynote presentations, workshop facilitation, panel Q&A's and presentations at expos, conferences, day seminars and diverse networking events.


Listed below are a selection of Elva’s signature speaking topics available immediately:

  • From a “good girl” to “Superstar” – Finally feel good enough and shine bright as your personal brand

  • From Economy to First Class - Create a Luxe Brand attracting high-end clients

  • Wow Factor – Define your signature style & Discover your brand essence

  • Style Up Your Brand - Up-level your personal brand with these simple tips

Please note: Bespoke presentations can also be crafted on request

I truly believe there’s a luxe brand in everyone. Luxe is not about Channel or Dior. Luxe is a feeling of worthy, knowing you are good enough and owning your quality to lead and inspire. That's what I call a luxe personal brand. 

I hope to work with you soon to show female entrepreneurs that they can inspire others and make the impact by showing up as who they truly are! 

- Elva



See what people are saying...


Elva is a powerhouse who will bring passion and inspiration to your event. 

Elva’s unique perspective on personal branding is relatable, fun and inspiring. As she shares her own story, Elva takes the audience through a simple, step-by-step process to uncover their own unique personal brand – before giving them the courage to step into it and embrace it fully.

Elva is nothing dry, text-book marketing. She is fun, passionate and engaging. If you are looking to give your attendees a boost of confidence and practical tips they can take away to help them shine in both their personal and professional life then I would not hesitate to recommend Elva for your next event.

                                                              — Jade McKenzie, Founder of Event Head

"Elva is a rare, elegant beauty.  She epitomises style and chic luxury and has an incredible eye for branding and how best to represent your business and services.  Elva will help you to showcase your high-end products and services, your unique personality and gift wrap it all for your ideal clients. 

She adores her work and is one of the most talented designers I've met and as an added bonus, she's also one of the loveliest human beings too. I am really looking forward to working with her more in the future.  Elva will help you to elevate your brand to new heights and appeal to your dream clients.  I cannot recommend her enough."  

— Louise George, Success Coach

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Elva is amazing! She is SO knowledgable about branding and about what makes you stand out as a coach in your field.  Elva helped point out strengths that I didn't realize I had and gently guided me toward putting more of myself into my brand. I walked away so giddy,  I was laughing and rushed straight for my work better than ever!  Thank you Elva. She is just incredible, so elegant and a true professional/expert in branding.  Meet her soon." 

— Amanda Neill, Birth of Venus Coaching



"Elva is very classy and professional! She's very knowledgeable about colors, textures, and styles, and she helps to give insight and clarity to what different things (like colors) can represent for your audience. Discussing my own options, desires, and goals with her helped me to step forward with full confidence in representing myself online! :) And to top it off, Elva is just adorable. I would highly recommend working with her if you need clarity and guidance in regards to your branding!!" 

— Ashley Robertson, Confidence And Success Coach

Where I was struggling on being able to communicate my message and what my brand was all about, Elva got me feeling super clear and re-inspired really quickly! She also got me so clear on my ideal client. Feeling out of alignment was causing me to massively procrastinate and self doubt my personal brand for ages, Elva got me to see my dream client from a completely different angle and this brought sooo much clarity instantly that I just wouldn't have gotten from trying to figure it out myself. I feel more excited and more clear on my mission! It has massively removed the self-doubt and got me really clear on my product offering and brought back my passion and drive to fully commit to my brand and serve the people I'd love to serve.

— Uma Kangai, Dream Life Coaching

"Working with Elva has helped me evolve my brand and the customer experience I wish my clients to enjoy. I’m now clear on the 4 steps to a consistent brand voice and how to implement my brand voice moving forward.

I’m better able to connect my branding to my ideal client and am excited to plan my next photo shoot with this in mind. If you are struggling with your brand and need trustworthy guidance, direction and support, I highly recommend you seek out the expertise of Elva!"

— Vanessa Baron, Success Coach for Women Entrepreneurs



 "After my time with Elva I had clarity and answers to questions that had been bothering for a month about certain aspects of how I should represent myself.  I had a clear plan on what to do and was motivated and excited to make those changes.  Now, a couple weeks later, I feel so much more authentic in how I communicate and present myself to my audience.  Thank you Elva!"

— Lindsay Dam, Online Fertility Coach