J'adore My Life

Transform from the "Good Girl" Persona

to the Queen of Your Life


J'adore My Life

Transform from the "Good Girl" Persona

to the Queen of Your Life

Introducing The J’adore My Life Collection

- unleash your inner Queen and be the woman you desire to be!

Are you letting your good girl persona keep you small?

Do you feel you’re not good enough?

Are you conflicted over your body image? 

Do you feeling guilty for wanting beautiful luxurious things?

Do you over-spend and over-eat? 

Do you always try you best to please others and then feel resentful and exhausted?

Do you work hard without receiving the financial reward you want?

Do you feel overwhelmed, exhausted and like there’s never enough time in a day?

Do you try to be perfect all the time, afraid of what others will think?

Do you feel called to live a more meaningful life?


I know how it feels because I was that "good girl" not long time ago. 

I’m Elva and I’m here to help you transform that "good girl" persona to become the Queen of your life.

Are you ready to feel like a new woman, an adventure that is all about you?


Be Truly Who You Are


Step up to the central stage of your life &

show up to the world who you truly are

Be Truly Who You Are


Step up to the central stage of your life &

show up to the world who you truly are

I used to be that "good girl"...

I was born in an average family in Shanghai, the New York City of China, with a big dream to create my freedom and elegant luxurious life.

I was always a hard-working top student. I graduated from the top university and worked in one of the Big Four accounting firms in the world. I was told this was the way to being successful and living a first class life.

But when I looked at lifestyle of my senior manager and partners in the firm, I knew that’s not what I wanted. 

All I knew was I wanted to go overseas and see the world, and perhaps find everything I’ve ever wished for in the most liveable city in the world– Melbourne.

So I packed up to move there for m Master Degree.  

I came to Melbourne alone, but I was so excited. I had painted the picture in my head that life in Melbourne would be different. But it wasn’t. i was doing the exact the same thing: studying hard, being a top student laced on the Dean’s list, getting a good job offer before graduation. 

And there I was. Still feeling miserable in my 9-5 job. This time, it was worse. I was struggling with how to pay my study loan and my increasing credit card debts.


I began looking for opportunities and miracles. I tried different business opportunities, attended all kinds of training and events after work, I did part time teaching on the weekends. 

I exhausted myself, blamed myself, felt guilt and shame around my situation.

I cried in front of my dream board like a child, unable to see what was going on that prevented me from living the life I wanted.

Deep inside I knew I was meant for something big. I began to immerse myself with personal development. I began looking for guidance and wished someone would just show me the way and tell me what to do.

I started working with mentors and coaches. And I took action and did the work that gradually shifted my mindset.

I realised the reason I wasn’t living my dream life wasn’t because I had weight, money, relationship, or time problems. 

I stopped waiting for my perfect body, the money in my bank account, "Prince Charming". And I began to embody the woman I desired to be. 

I began to see my life bloom. 

I paid back my student loan. I started my own business. I finally made peace with my food and body.

I’m still Elva, a little girl from Shanghai with a big dream. I didn’t change myself. I become more “me”. I released the stories that I was telling myself, the "good girl" persona I was hiding behind, I stopped being a people pleaser, and became unapologetically a expression of my true desires and feelings. 

If I can do this, you can too! 

There’s nothing wrong and everything right with owning your desires, loving the finer things in life and treating yourself like a VIP. Actually, I’m cheering you on. That’s one of the reasons I created my brand: to inspire and help women like you to create the elegant first class life!

Miss beautiful, are you ready to stop exhausting yourself, stop playing small, stop waiting for the “Prince Charming”?

It’s your time to shine!


What if you shine

Creates a life they you truly adore &
become your most confident, elegant and radiant self.

What if you shine

Creates a life they you truly adore &
become your most confident, elegant and radiant self.

Are you still playing small in your corporate world?

Are you still that "good girl" not daring to own her desires?

Are you still putting on a mask in front of others so that you are "liked"?

Are you still afraid of standing out but secretly wishing to be a super star in your life?

Are you still afraid of being rejected by others but at the same time keep rejecting yourself?

Are you still feeling not good enough to show the world who you are?


What if I told you "standing out" just means "being yourself"?

What if I told you it's much easier to be your self than being a people pleaser?

What if I told you there's no one else in the world has the gift you have?

What if I told you your only job is becoming more of YOU?

Would you be ready?

For the new YOU?

To stand up proud and show them who you truly are?

To throw these big doors open?

Are you ready to SHINE?

If your answer is YES, I invite you to work with me and transform from being a "good girl" to an "elegant living woman":

Imagine this...

Become the woman who knows who she is and what she wants;

who steps up to the central stage of her life and business and show up in the world in her own unique style;

who lives artfully and passionately and enjoys the pleasure and luxury of her elegant life while taking elegant actions towards her dreams;

who embodies style, elegance and beauty in everything she does;

who creates a life they she truly adore and become her most confident, elegant and radiant self. 

Ready to get started?

See what people are saying...


"Thank you Elva for the coaching session this morning! Love you so much! Thank you for helping me to get clear about my Goals for the new year, i am feeling so great that I am walking firmly into a new year and getting into my true self. This is a great begin💗  

Reflecting back, you had helped me a lot in finding my self, setting purpose for the year and my life, turning my goals into reality. You had made 2015 an unforgettable year of us. Today you have helped me in having a great beginning of 2016. You are just so nice and you are an angle! Thank the Universe brought you to me."

— Hallie Wu


J'adore My Life Private Coaching

90 Day 1:1 Private Coaching with Elva

J'adore My Life Private Coaching

90 Day 1:1 Private Coaching with Elva

90 Day 1:1 Private Coaching

You’re smart. You work hard. You’re full of potential. 

You have dreams and desires. But you feel stuck in turning your desires into reality. You are wondering "What's wrong with me?"

There's nothing wrong with you, darling. Let me guide you and support during the 90 day journey and bring out your true essence, and turn your dream board into reality.


Get crystal clarity about your true desired feelings, define your ultimate sweet spot and natural essence so that we ensure they empower you and make you feel fabulous every single day!

Identify the mental block stopping you from abundance, Eliminate limiting beliefs such as fear of not being enough & comparisons, and learn how to become a manifesting Queen.



Break free from the old pattern of over-spending, dieting and over-indulging; finally make peace with your body, your food and your beauty. 

Feel good now and live the life you've always dreamed of, learn to graciously receive what you desire and become wildly abundant!



Your Program Includes

  • A comprehensive Welcome Packet to establish clarity on what you want to accomplish over the course of the program so we can work together to make it happen, as well as give me complete perspective on your experience with branding and business so I know how to move forward.

  • Weekly (12 in total) One-on-One 45-min Coaching Sessions (via Skype or Phone) to cover program material and keep you on track with your goals

  • Additional Resources & Referrals - you'll have access to my inner circle of professionals and industry experts as well as resources, PDF's, Checklists, Workbooks, Templates and tools to keep you fully supported and ensure your success.

  • E-mail Access during the course of the program for urgent questions so that you will always have my support.


Are you ready to J'adore your life?

90 Day J'adore My Life Private Coaching

Want a quick 21 Day lifestyle makeover to get you started on the J'adore life?