Introducing Slim Secret

SlimSecret is a 21-day online program that shows you step-by-step how to detox, nourish, get your slim sexy body and, create a lifestyle you love that keeps you slim without losing all the fun!

No counting, restriction, or guilt. It’s all about filling yourself with the “foods” that your body, mind and soul love. It’s all about a slim lifestyle you love!
So you can be clean, nutritious, vibrant and SLIM and enjoy your life!



- Reset your foundation of your fat-burning machine
- Get these toxins out of your system fast, from your mind, your   body and your life
- SO YOU CAN let your body do its own magic to transform your silhouette and your health on a deep level


- Discover a whole new world of healthy eating to nourish yourself
- Get easy, quick and delicious recipes that are good for your lips  and hips!
- SO YOU CAN let your body use fat as energy sources instead of storing it



- Fall in love with yourself and your life
- Put the power of choice back in your hands and say goodbye to emotional eating
- SO YOU CAN let weight loss be the by-product


  Your body and life is different from others. I am gifting you a bonus personal styling and coaching session with me to create a style works for the unique you.




// Lifestyle: SlimSecret is not “fad diet” or “magic pill” program. You will learn proven knowledge and lifestyle habits that will make you slim and serve you for life. 

// Personalisation: Your body and life is different from others. You will learn how to listen to your own body and create a style works for the unique you.

// Support: I am here to support you. You can also reach me and my team by email during the program for your specific needs. I am here to help when and how you need me most. You will also have the bonus 1 on 1 personal styling and coaching session to get your question answered. You will get 1 year access to the program so you can come back anytime you need during the period.

// Daily Video Content: A new Module is released each week within the member-only website. Each Module is filled with daily videos, tip sheets, resource lists, and lifestyle guides designed to help you to tap into your own body’s unique magic power and create a slim lifestyle you love.

// Learn it anywhere: I know you’re busy. To make your learning experience as easy and enjoyable as possible, I’ve made each of training videos short and can be played on your computer or your tablet or smartphone and watched on the go. No matter your preferred watch or read, you can find your way. With the multimedia training, you’ll have access to videos and PDFs, so you can learn your way, on your time. Each week 5 core secrets are released daily.  Weekend give you time to review, catch up and plan ahead. 


Slim Secret is NOT for everyone.

The program is specially designed for gorgeous ladies who want a slim lifestyle belongs only to her,not a fad diet comes from others.

Fashion says “me too”, style says “only me”.


Limited Time Bonus to accelerate your result!

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Indulge & Be Slim

- Recipe Book

(Value of AUD$29)

65 gulit-free slim recipes to help you detox, nourish and be slim;
enjoy your chocolate and other delicious food while losing weight and become a gorgeous chef in no time!

SlimSecret - Getting Started.jpg

Getting Started Training

(Value of AUD$99)

I will show you step by step how to clear the mental blocks stopping you from losing weight,  turn on your magic mind power and let the universe help you become what you think!

Sweet Slim - Introduction.jpg

Sweet Slim - Cooking Class  

(Value of AUD$198)

We love beautiful desserts! I will teach you how to make guilty free sweets for your breakfast, snack, drink & desserts in no time

Slim Workout.jpg

Sexy Slim - Workout

(Value of AUD$198)

Want to Get your slim body without spending hours in the gym? I will show you the quick workout you can do at home to tone up without sweating on the treadmill or doing all the cardio.


Are You In?

Slim Secret 21 Day Online Program