It's time to unapologetically step into your desires!

You’ve already walked that path of being a "good girl". You kept your head down. You studied hard. You got accepted into the best University you could. You got the best grades and the best graduate position at a prestigious corporation. 

You’ve made your loving parents proud. To them, you made it.

Everything looks perfect from the outside. You should feel successful.

But this version of success feels like a failure. 

It’s time to have the courage to admit what’s no longer working and serving you. It’s likely you feel trapped inside of decisions you made years ago and feel hostage to a lifestyle that is no longer fully supporting you.

It could be business decisions, a previous relationship, a lifestyle habit like eating or drinking or even how you spend money.

The side effect of this is that you feel overwhelmed. Subconsciously you stop receiving because you feel like you don’t have any more space for anything else in your life. Instead of feeling energized by life, it’s starting to feel full of burden, guilt, and shame. It’s OK… I’ve been there too.

There’s a better way for you to move forward...

It’s time to live the Elegant Elle way!

Introducing Elegant Elle 7 Week Program

Elegant Elle is a revolutionary 7 week coaching program that leads the modern evolving woman into a new way of being, enjoying and doing in her life.

Over the course of 7 weeks, you will awaken to new possibilities, opportunities and begin to give yourself permission to live life on your terms. 

You will experience:

  • permission to live your life your way without guilt
  • courage to make decisions that will serve you even when others question or doubt you
  • confidence to be visible in your life first to yourself and then to others
  • clarity to know what will serve you and FOLLOW through to honor those decisions
  • time (and permission) to enjoy your life
  • willingness to create boundaries that will serve you and your creation of your beautiful life
  • deeper connection with spirit, soul & clarity on what will honor your purpose
  • access to your truth, your deepest inner knowing and the confidence to follow that knowing
  • new energy and vitality to follow your dreams & desires

Your Program Includes

  • A comprehensive Welcome Packet to establish clarity on what you want to accomplish over the course of the program so we can work together to make it happen, as well as give me complete perspective on your experience with branding and business so I know how to move forward.

  • Weekly (7 in total) One-on-One 45-min Coaching Sessions (via Skype or Phone) to cover program material and keep you on track with your goals. The weekly topics includes:

    • Week 1 Foundations: Reconstruct your beliefs around yourself. Build a better story that supports your bigger vision. And really believe it.
    • Week 2 Boundaries: Set the healthy boundaries so that you have the space required for you to access the deepest parts of what you desire, so you can call it into your life.
    • Week 3 Receiving: Increase your ability to receive for yourself without guilt.
    • Week 4 Pleasure: Awake your ability to enjoy and define what truly pleases you.
    • Week 5 Prosperity: Open to a new level of Freedom to say yes to your untapped prosperity
    • Week 6 Essence: How do you uniquely operate in the world? What is your divine purpose? 
    • Week 7 Manifesting: Claim your power as the creator of your life by forging an unshakeable connection to your “Elegant Elle”
  • Additional Resources & Referrals - you'll have access to my inner circle of professionals and industry experts as well as resources, PDF's, Checklists, Workbooks, Templates and tools to keep you fully supported and ensure your success.

  • E-mail Access during the course of the program for urgent questions so that you will always have my support.


Why Me?

You know that feeling when you are trying everything to achieve your goal but nothing seems to work?

You could be doing all the right things, taking programs, work with mentors…….and reading every personal development book under the sun. Yet nothing takes off in your life. In fact, instead of making your dreams a reality, you just end up feeling guilty and losing confidence in yourself. And if you are anything like me, you start to wonder “what’s wrong with me. These strategies seem to be working for everyone else. What am I missing?”

I felt this way in my own life for many years. I worked so hard and invested in so many things... But it wasn’t until I figured out one thing that was missing that things changed. Once I had that magical missing piece, my whole life transformed. And more importantly than anything else, I finally felt good enough and confident to show up in the world with my talents after years of feeling like I was not good enough and I had to be a "good girl" to be liked and accepted by others.

I grew up being a “good girl” for my parents, playing the good “successful” daughter, studying at the top university and then living in the “successful” corporate world. But that life was never meant for me. Every morning from my office window I would look up at the blue sky, wishing I could grow wings and fly. Every morning I longed for something else. A different world. A beautiful world. One where there was freedom, inside and out.

Eventually in 2010 I packed my bags, left my hometown Shanghai, and moved to Australia by myself hoping the world would be different.  It wasn’t because I was the same. Every day in my office cubicle, I continued playing the good girl. I kept my head down and I worked hard. I played it safe, but deep down I still dreamt of something else.

My life was forever changed when I was introduced to the wonderful world of women entrepreneurs at a business networking event. I saw glimpses of confident beautiful women who were running their own business with a lifestyle to match. It was like getting a blue Tiffany box from the Universe. I saw the beauty and luxury I was looking for. The beauty of doing the things I love, the luxury of freedom.

I thought to myself this time things will be different. But it still wasn’t. Because even in this new role of being an entrepreneur, I still found myself trying to be a “good girl”. I followed other people’s business strategies, worked hard and doing all the things I was told I “should” do …but nothing took off.

I felt like the freedom and the beautiful world I wanted were so close and yet I just couldn’t quite reach them. I felt tired and exhausted. The burden of the shame, guilt, unworthiness and loneliness was too hard to bear. I cried in front of my dream board… I wondered what’s wrong with me…What should I do?

But what if there’s no “should”? What if I was to show them who I truly am? Would they laugh at me or reject me?

It was then I understood I was actually rejecting myself…. What if “standing out” just means “being myself”? What if I shine as ME?

So what’s this magical thing that changes everything? It doesn’t come in a magical wand. It's the essence of who we truly are.

For me, I stopped playing by everybody else’s rules but started to listen to my heart instead. When I started to live my desires, the beauty and freedom I was after now show up daily in my life. Now I am working with amazing women to help them feel authentic and confident, inspire others and make the beautiful impact they are meant to have in the world. I have been seen on ABC, CBS, and Ladyboss Asia. I am speaking on stages, styling for fashion shows, and developing my own perfume brand…

But I’m still Elva, a girl from Shanghai with her own big dreams. I didn’t change myself. I have just became more “me.” I let go of the "good girl" persona I was hiding behind and became unapologetically an expression of my highest true desires and feelings, which are love, elegance, beauty and freedom. That’s who I am. That’s how I live.

This is all possible for YOU!

I want to show you how to do the same, because I know your desires are there for a reason and you are good enough for the life of your dreams! If there’s one thing that I’d like you to remember, it’s that you have in you the power to create something incredible. There’s nothing wrong with you and all of the investment you make in yourself is not wasted. You just need to step into that authenticity and figure out your core essence, one that is true to you, feeds your desires and allow you to make the changes you wanna see in the world.

My goal is to enable you to step into the woman you know you want to be and to create the lifestyle you desire. I provide you with mindset and lifestyle coaching guidance to make your new brand your reality.

You know that you know. You’re ready. Give yourself permission today. Don't hide behind your “good girl” persona. Your “superstar” show is about to start.

START to BEING who YOU truly ARE

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