J'adore My Brand

Make your entire brand blossom and become the shinning star.

Complete with the lifestyle by your design.





J'adore My Brand

Make your entire brand blossom and become the shinning star.

Complete with the lifestyle by your design.




Introducing The J’adore My Brand Collection

My carefully curated collection of services to turn you into a chic brand.

Are You Ready for Your Chic Parisian haute couture show? 


As a female entrepreneur building a business online, your online presence is your haute couture show; your personal branding is that haute couture attire. You decide how you want to show up.

When you channel your desires and essence into a high-end brand presence, showcase your unique talents by your stylish and chic branding and website, it brings out your confidence and helps you attract your ideal clients.

Are you ready for your chic Parisian haute couture show? 

I know you know you are. Otherwise, you won't reading this right now. 

Don't hide. Don't run. Your show is about to start. Click the button below to begin your chic journey. 


Imagine Have a brand you are proud of

As your Brand Stylist and Designer, my role is to translate your essence onto the screen, with stylish visuals that showcase your wow factor

Imagine Have a brand you are proud of

As your Brand Stylist and Designer, my role is to translate your essence onto the screen, with stylish visuals that showcase your wow factor


Imagine creating your brand style like this...


See what others are saying...

"Elva is a rare, elegant beauty.  She epitomises style and chic luxury and has an incredible eye for branding and how best to represent your business and services.  Elva will help you to showcase your high-end products and services, your unique personality and gift wrap it all for your ideal clients. 

She adores her work and is one of the most talented designers I've met and as an added bonus, she's also one of the loveliest human beings too.  It was an absolute pleasure working with her on my brand and I am really looking forward to working with her more in the future.  Elva will help you to elevate your brand to new heights and appeal to your dream clients.  I cannot recommend her enough."  

— Louise George, Success Coach - Bodhi Babes

Amanda Neill.jpg

"Elva is amazing! I loved talking with her. She is SO knowledgable about branding and about what makes you stand out as a coach in your field.  Elva helped point out strengthsthat i didn't realize I had and gently guided me toward putting more of myself into my brand. I WAS so afraid! to be fun in my brand but she encouraged me to, knowing I would provide the best service and attract the absolute perfect clients for me then.   I walked away so giddy from the call,  I was laughing and rushed straight for my work better than ever!  Thank you Elva. She is just incredible, so elegant and a true professional/expert in branding.  Meet her soon." 

— Amanda Neill, Birth of Venus Coaching


"Elva is very classy and professional! She's very knowledgeable about colors, textures, and styles, and she helps to give insight and clarity to what different things (like colors) can represent for your audience. Discussing my own options, desires, and goals with her helped me to step forward with full confidence in representing myself online! :) And to top it off, Elva is just adorable. <3 I would highly recommend working with her if you need clarity and guidance in regards to your branding!!" 

— Ashley Robertson, Confidence And Success Coach

I loved my personal branding session with Elva, she really listened and understood my vision for my business and brand. Where I was struggling on being able to communicate my message and what my brand was all about, Elva got me feeling super clear and re-inspired really quickly! She also got me so clear on my ideal client, which I thought I knew but was being far too general, and deep down I had felt there was something not in alignment in terms of how I was marketing myself and my message to my clients but I couldn't figure out why. Feeling out of alignment was causing me to massively procrastinate and self doubt my personal brand for ages, Elva got me to see my dream client from a completely different angle and this brought sooo much clarity instantly that I just wouldn't have gotten from trying to figure it out myself, what 'felt' like something was missing and how I wasn't completely being true to me in my message and branding, just the simpleness of Elva getting clarity on my dream client has completely shifted how I feel, and it feels like the missing jigsaw piece to my personal brand, I feel more excited and more clear on my mission! It has massively removed the self-doubt and got me really clear on my product offering and brought back my passion and drive to fully commit to my brand and serve the people I'd love to serve as I'd been starting to doubt whether my personal brand was even 'me' anymore! Elva is such a lovely person to speak to, I instantly felt comfortable on our call, personally connected to her and that she really got me and my mission, I felt so supported in just one session, and she made things seem so easy and effortless after trying to figure things out by myself. She made me realise, even if you think you're super clear on your personal brand, you really need someone else to help you craft it, there are always blind spots you can't see, and having a super clear brand helps remove any alignment blocks! As soon as you feel in alignment you feel more passionate and have less resistance to taking action in your biz!

— Uma Kangai, Dream Life Coaching

"Working with Elva has helped me evolve my brand and the customer experience I wish my clients to enjoy. I’m now clear on the 4 steps to a consistent brand voice and how to implement my brand voice moving forward.

I’m better able to connect my branding to my ideal client and am excited to plan my next photo shoot with this in mind. If you are struggling with your brand and need trustworthy guidance, direction and support, I highly recommend you seek out the expertise of Elva!"

— Vanessa Baron, Success Coach for Women Entrepreneurs



 "After my consultation with Elva I had clarity and answers to questions that had been bothering for a month about certain aspects of how I should represent myself.  I had a clear plan on what to do and was motivated and excited to make those changes.  Now, a couple weeks later, I feel so much more authentic in how I communicate and present myself to my audience.  Thank you Elva!"

— Lindsay Dam, Online Fertility Coach


J'adore My Brand Luxe Experience

VIP Brand Styling & Design Services

J'adore My Brand Luxe Experience

VIP Brand Styling & Design Services

J'adore My Brand Luxe Experience

I truly believe there’s a luxe brand in everyone. Luxe is not about Channel or Dior. Luxe is a feeling of worthy, knowing you are good enough and owning your quality to lead and inspire. That's what I call a luxe personal brand.

If you want a luxury branding expert and lifestyle designer in your corner, guiding you, mentoring you and coaching you to luxury branding success, this is the program for you.  

We’ll work together to uncover the true essence of your brand. Allow me to curate and execute your luxury branding and launch your business into the world stylishly and swiftly.


A luxury brand begins with you, and so does our first stage, where you walk away with your clear vision, inner confidence and outer style with Luxe Personal Style Guide.

From there, as we move into the second stage, we’ll  infuse your essence and lifestyle into your brand creating your very WOW factor and Luxe Branding Style Guide that’ll get your business adored.



The third stage is where the beautiful collision of you, your lifestyle and your brand come together online with a website and social media presence for the premiere. 

The final stage is to create a step-by-step system to expanding your brand empire and running a success luxury brand and business with the lifestyle to match.



Your Luxe Branding Collection Includes

  • A comprehensive Brand Brief Packet to establish clarity on what you want to accomplish for your brand over the course of the program so we can work together to make it happen, as well as give me complete perspective on your experience with branding and business so I know how to move forward.
  • Two 90-minute VIP Intensives designed to create your signature luxe brand in record time. While your VIP Intensive will be custom designed to meet your unique needs, below are some of the outcomes you could look forward to in Stage One and Stage Two Intensives: 
    - Your Luxe Brand Mindset: Clarify your visions and desires and build a luxe mindset foundation for your luxe brand
    Your Luxe Personal Style: define your signature personal style so that you feel confident from inside out and always be on brand in an effortless chic way. 
    Your Luxe Brand Image: choose your brand imagery and prepare you for a brand photoshoot, so the images you use across all platforms are on brand.
    - Your Luxe Brand Muse: Get crystal clear of your niche and dream premium client.
    - Your Luxe Brand Name: Design your business name and your title so that you know how to call yourself and feel congruent and confident.
    - Your Luxe Brand Message: Develop your brand message so that your dream clients recognise that your brand is for them and they would want to work with you.
    - Your Luxe Brand Voice: Develop your brand voice so that you know what tone and specific words and phrases to use in your copies that represents who you are and attract your dream clients.
    - Your Luxe Brand Style: Design your brand style for all the visual components including logos, colours and fonts which aligned best with your authentic personality, makes your unforgettable brand identity and have a luxury feeling.
    - Your Luxe Brand Attraction: Create your brand’s unique luxe vibe and comparative advantage so that your ideal clients know why they should choose you rather than other brands.

  • Done-for-you Luxe Visual Branding Package designed for your unique brand, including:
    - Your Luxe Brand Board for your exact color palettes with colour codes, fonts and accenting elements to use consistently across your website and other branded materials . 
    - Your Luxe Logo designed with multiple variations for different uses across your brand.
    - Your Luxe Brand Guide, which pulls together your brand’s elements, such as vision, values, personality, emotions, and much more, into one Brand Style Guide.
    Your Social Media Covers for Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms of your choice.

  • 4 One-on-One 45-min Coaching Sessions (via Skype or Phone) every two weeks in the next two months to help you launch your brand, build your brand empire and keep you on track with your goals. While your coaching sessions will be custom designed to meet your unique needs, below are some of the topics we can cover in Stage Three and Stage Four coaching depends on where you are at your business: 
    - Your Luxe Brand Lifestyle: how to effortless and elegantly live on brand and make your dream board come true rather than feeling like a fraud and not good enough
    - Your Luxe Brand Website: a website to give your dream clients an incredible experience and how to make every page a selling machine
    - Your Luxe Brand Offer: The actual plan to monetise your brand
    - Your Luxe Brand System: The exact way to have your clients whipping out their credit cards to work with you
    - Your Luxe Brand Funnel: Attracting your dream clients while you are sleeping
    Luxe Brand Social Media: how to brand your social media presence and build your list
    - Your Luxe Brand Icon: how to become the woman you desire to be and have your raving fans
    - Your Luxe Brand Plan: create a plan to take your brand to the next level even once we aren’t working together
  • A bank of 90 minutes of my time on Feedback/Editing on Your Marketing Materials: You have my support along the way working on all your branding materials, so the elements on your web pages, sales pages, event pages, newsletter articles and other marketing materials are all on brand and attract the exact clients you want to work with.

  • Additional Resources & Referrals - you'll have access to my inner circle of professionals and industry experts in copy writing, publicity, social media, video visibility...as well as resources, PDF's, Checklists, Workbooks, Done-for-you Templates and tools to keep you fully supported and ensure your success.
  • E-mail Access during the course of the program for urgent questions so that you will always have my support.

Are you ready to J'adore your brand?

Luxe Branding Collection


Want a luxe website website that everyone swoons over as well? 
Don’t want to get your perfectly manicured nails chipped? 
Don't want to waste time back and forth between you, your graphic designer and your website designer...?
The Luxe Website Collection is for you.

Your Luxe Website Collection includes

You will have all the above in the Luxe Branding Collection, plus:

  • A Done-for-you Luxe Website: My goal is to build you a stunning website that you feel extremely proud to share with friends, family and most importantly attract your dream clients! I’ll develop, create & complete your website using Squarespace, including: 

- 5 Core Luxe Pages: home page, about page, program/services page, blog, and another page of your choice (this could be a VIP Intensive page, product page, speaking page, resources page, etc.).
- Fully responsive design: so your website shows up properly whether it’s viewed on a computer, tablet or smart phone.
- Custom forms and software integration: email opt-in form, program application, contact form, etc.
Revisions: allow two adjustments and changes to layout and graphics.
- Complimentary training: And I will gift you a complimentary personal training for you to learn how to manage and control your website in the future.

  • Bonus Coaching with my inner circle experts on video visibility, business breakthrough, etc.

Are you ready to J'adore your brand & website?

Luxe Website Collection