Meet Elva

A girl from Shanghai with big dreams.

She turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans.




Meet Elva

A girl from Shanghai with big dreams.

She turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans.



It’s time to stop.

Stop denying yourself the beauty you soul is seeking.

Stop denying yourself the life you want to experience.

Stop denying yourself the spotlight you’ve dreamed of .

Your beautiful, chic, authentic brand starts now.

The key to unlocking it all?

Unapologetically allowing yourself to step into your true essence and live your desires.


I've always dreamed biG.

Embodying my desires has allowed me to step into being the woman I want to be.

Where my entire world blossoms. Including my brand.

I've always dreamed biG.

Embodying my desires has allowed me to step into being the woman I want to be.

Where my entire world blossoms. Including my brand.


Living my desires isn’t a luxury for me. It’s a necessity.

In fact, it’s my best kept secret to living a life filled with Dior. And living my brand filled with beauty & luxury.

But it wasn’t always this way.

I grew up being a “good girl” for my parents and then played the good ‘successful’ daughter, living in the ‘successful’ corporate world as an adult, but that life was never meant for me.

Every morning from my office window I would look up at the brilliant sky wishing I could grow wings and fly.

Every morning I longed for something else.

A different world. A beautiful world.

Where there was freedom, beauty and luxury.

Inside and out.

In my work and in my life.

So I packed my bags, left my hometown, and moved to another country by myself hoping the world would be different.  It wasn’t. Because I was the same.

Every day, in my office cubicle, I continued playing the good girl. I kept my head down, I worked hard. I played safe, but deep down I longed for something different.

My life was forever changed when I was introduced to the wonderful world of women entrepreneurs at a business networking event. I saw glimpses of confident, charismatic, beautiful wise business women with a lifestyle to match. It was like getting a Tiffany box from the Universe. My heart opened, my eyes opened, my mind opened and I saw the beauty I was looking for.

I was enlightened. I had a choice.

I was no longer willing to accept my desires as just a daydream.

I knew deep inside I was meant for more.

I wish I could tell you there's a so called "big aha moment", and then everything changes over night. But the truth is, finding my true self has been an evolving process.

I made the mistake of still “trying to be a good girl” in the business world.  I kept doing things that people told me I should do.  I never asked myself what I wanted.  I never allowed myself to dream my own dream.

I followed other people’s ideas and their suggestions of what business I should have and I launched my weight loss online course, then I do money coaching…  because they seemed like logical choices.

And while I had expertise in all those things, nothing took off.  I lost confidence in myself.

I turned to emotional eating and used food to numb my feeling of guilt and loneliness. Then I blamed for myself for gaining the weight. Looking in the mirror, I couldn’t see that confident Elva in her favourite little black dress anymore…

I made bad financial decisions and felt guilty and full of shame. I felt like a fraud. I doubted myself and wondered what was wrong with me… I desperately wished I could have a time machine and magic wand to start over again…

I felt like I wasn’t being a good daughter because I wanted something else, something more. I put on a happy face in front of my parents and others but inside I was crying like a child…I really wished someone could just appear and save me…

I felt like the freedom and that beautiful world I wanted were so close but so far away... I felt tired, exhausted in striving to reach it … The burden of the shame, guilt, unworthiness, loneliness were too hard to bear.

I cried in front of my dream board…

I remember I wrote in my journal: what if there’s no shame or guilt in my world? What if I can trust myself again?

I realised the reason I wasn’t living my dream life wasn’t because I had weight, money, relationship, or time problems.

I realised that my inner world created my outer world. The reason I was feeling not good enough and didn’t have confidence is because I was still trying to be the “good girl” and trying to do what I “should” do. I was playing by everybody else’s rules and they didn’t seem right to me. I wasn’t living my desires and wasn't true to myself. I adore beauty. I adore luxury. I long to secretly shine...But I worried what if I showed them who I truly am? What others will think of me? Am I selfish?...

And then I understood …. But what if I shine? What if I am visible as who I truly am?

I realised I didn’t need to wait for my perfect body, the money in my bank account, or "Prince Charming". And I began the journey to embody the woman I desired to be.   She had existed in my heart and in my mind, but I hadn’t allowed her to come alive and be real, the real me.

So I stopped listening to everyone else and listened to my own heart. I started discovering my desires, learning French, going to Ballet classes, doing personal styling courses, designing my website and my brand based on who I truly am, the little girl from Shanghai with a big dream; the girl who loves and has a strong connection with beauty, both internal and external; the girl who loves style and design even she is scared to admit it; the girl who loves surrounded herself with inspiring women but also require alone time; the girl who loves to gift and to receive; the girl who adores luxury and the finest things in life.

The moment I unapologetically declared my desire to be the woman who has it all, my confidence increased.  It freed my soul.  I knew what I wanted.  I found my passion and people saw how good I was at it.  And it works because it’s me, rather than something someone else thought I should do.  And that is why I’m a personal brand and lifestyle coach. 

Embodying my desires has allowed me to step into being the Queen of life. Because I followed my passion, people started telling me how they love my brand. I got thousands of subscribers and social media followers.

My entire world has blossomed. 

I finally made peace with my food and body. I finally got rid of my mask of “good girl” and have the confidence that’s always been hidden inside of me.

Now I am unapologetically living my desires. Beauty and luxury shows up daily in my life. I believe in the power of beauty and elegant luxurious living in terms of personal growth. I celebrate my beauty and every luxurious moment, such as wearing my Miss Dior perfume, sitting under the sunshine and having a high quality raw organic dark chocolate. I love travel and started developing my own perfume brand and art collection …

But I’m still Elva, a little girl from Shanghai with a big dream. I didn’t change myself. I become more “me”. I released the stories that I was telling myself, the "good girl" persona I was hiding behind, I stopped being a people pleaser, and became unapologetically an expression of my highest true desires and feelings.

Your personal brand involves cultivating an authentic confident inner world as well as a beautiful and elegant outer world and melding the two together, because you cannot live on brand by doing one without the other.

That's why I am so passionate about inspiring and helping other women to bring their beauty and talents into the world in each one’s unique own way.

Let’s make your entire world blossom and turn you into the superstar of your brand adored by your raving fans. Complete with the lifestyle & couture you desire. 

So, here it is.

Your rose-scented, pastel pink permission slip:

Your desires are a non-negotiable in your life. And it all starts with your TRUE ESSENCE. 

Want to create a brand lights up your soul? Let’s chat. You’re closer to them than you think.



My heart is in community, and I would love to see you become a part of my amazing sisterhood of women...

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Elva is a brand stylist, designer and speaker. She helps female coaches and entrepreneurs create a personal brand reflects the superstar inside of them. How? By crafting memorable brand personas and stylish brand visuals for them - ones that highlight their unique strengths yet accurately reflect who they really are, so that they can attract soulmate clients and raving fan tribes.

She has been featured on LadyBoss Asia, This Women Can and has been seen on ABC, CBS, Fox, etc.

Elva believes in the power of beauty and elegance in terms of personal growth. She is passionate about helping and inspiring women to embody the best version of themselves and unapologetically live their true desires. Everything she does exudes style, elegance and timelessness, because these are a necessity, not a luxury. 

Elva is bilingual. She speaks both English and Chinese. All her services can be done in both languages.

Elva lives in Melbourne. In her spare time she loves to create art work, stay active and sexy fit to wear her little black dresses, enjoy sunshine, fresh flowers and the simple elegant things in life.

Courses, Coaching & Certifications -

Marie Forleo's B-School, 2014
Personal Stylist Certificate with Professional Styling Academy, 2016
The Academy Divine Living Coaching with Gina Devee, 2016
NLP Practitioner and Communication Specialist, YWS, 2017


Love & Gratitude

I am so grateful to having worked with

so many beautiful amazing ladies! 

I cannot wait to meet the next superstar - YOU!

Love & Gratitude

I am so grateful to having worked with

so many beautiful amazing ladies! 

I cannot wait to meet the next superstar - YOU!


See what people are saying...

Louise George

"Elva is a rare, elegant beauty.  She epitomises style and chic luxury and has an incredible eye for branding and how best to represent your business and services.  Elva will help you to showcase your high-end products and services, your unique personality and gift wrap it all for your ideal clients. 

She adores her work and is one of the most talented designers I've met and as an added bonus, she's also one of the loveliest human beings too.  It was an absolute pleasure working with her on my brand and I am really looking forward to working with her more in the future.  Elva will help you to elevate your brand to new heights and appeal to your dream clients.  I cannot recommend her enough."  

— Louise George, Success Coach

"Elva is amazing! I loved talking with her. She is SO knowledgable about branding and about what makes you stand out as a coach in your field.  Elva helped point out strengthsthat i didn't realize I had and gently guided me toward putting more of myself into my brand. I WAS so afraid! to be fun in my brand but she encouraged me to, knowing I would provide the best service and attract the absolute perfect clients for me then.   I walked away so giddy from the call,  I was laughing and rushed straight for my work better than ever!  Thank you Elva. She is just incredible, so elegant and a true professional/expert in branding.  Meet her soon." 

— Amanda Neill, Birth of Venus Coaching

Venassa Baron.jpg

I loved my personal branding session with Elva, she really listened and understood my vision for my business and brand. Where I was struggling on being able to communicate my message and what my brand was all about, Elva got me feeling super clear and re-inspired really quickly! She also got me so clear on my ideal client, which I thought I knew but was being far too general, and deep down I had felt there was something not in alignment in terms of how I was marketing myself and my message to my clients but I couldn't figure out why. Feeling out of alignment was causing me to massively procrastinate and self doubt my personal brand for ages, Elva got me to see my dream client from a completely different angle and this brought sooo much clarity instantly that I just wouldn't have gotten from trying to figure it out myself, what 'felt' like something was missing and how I wasn't completely being true to me in my message and branding, just the simpleness of Elva getting clarity on my dream client has completely shifted how I feel, and it feels like the missing jigsaw piece to my personal brand, I feel more excited and more clear on my mission! It has massively removed the self-doubt and got me really clear on my product offering and brought back my passion and drive to fully commit to my brand and serve the people I'd love to serve as I'd been starting to doubt whether my personal brand was even 'me' anymore! Elva is such a lovely person to speak to, I instantly felt comfortable on our call, personally connected to her and that she really got me and my mission, I felt so supported in just one session, and she made things seem so easy and effortless after trying to figure things out by myself. She made me realise, even if you think you're super clear on your personal brand, you really need someone else to help you craft it, there are always blind spots you can't see, and having a super clear brand helps remove any alignment blocks! As soon as you feel in alignment you feel more passionate and have less resistance to taking action in your biz!

-- Uma Kangai, Dream Life Coaching

"After my consultation with Elva I had clarity and answers to questions that had been bothering for a month about certain aspects of how I should represent myself.  I had a clear plan on what to do and was motivated and excited to make those changes.  Now, a couple weeks later, I feel so much more authentic in how I communicate and present myself to my audience.  Thank you Elva!"

— Lindsay Dam, Online Fertility Coach

"Elva is very classy and professional! She's very knowledgeable about colors, textures, and styles, and she helps to give insight and clarity to what different things (like colors) can represent for your audience. Discussing my own options, desires, and goals with her helped me to step forward with full confidence in representing myself online! :) And to top it off, Elva is just adorable. <3 I would highly recommend working with her if you need clarity and guidance in regards to your branding!!" 

— Ashley Robertson, Confidence And Success Coach

"Working with Elva has helped me evolve my brand and the customer experience I wish my clients to enjoy. I’m now clear on the 4 steps to a consistent brand voice and how to implement my brand voice moving forward.

I’m better able to connect my branding to my ideal client and am excited to plan my next photo shoot with this in mind. If you are struggling with your brand and need trustworthy guidance, direction and support, I highly recommend you seek out the expertise of Elva!"

— Vanessa Baron, Success Coach for Women Entrepreneurs


"Thank you Elva for the coaching session this morning! Love you so much! Thank you for helping me to get clear about my Goals for the new year, i am feeling so great that I am walking firmly into a new year and getting into my true self. This is a great begin💗  

Reflecting back, you had helped me a lot in finding my self, setting purpose for the year and my life, turning my goals into reality. You had made 2015 an unforgettable year of us. Today you have helped me in having a great beginning of 2016. You are just so nice and you are an angle! Thank the Universe brought you to me."

— Hallie Wu


Now, it's your time to shine!

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